What do Sugar Daddies Want From Their Sugar Babies?

sugar daddy want

Sugar daddies dating sugar babies is a concept that has taken the world by storm. In this form of relationship, we have the sugar daddy in the center, in which this person usually of advanced age, offers money or gifts to another person in exchange for companionship, affection, although this does not imply or commit an open exchange for sexual favors.

The nature and terms of this relationship are also defined from the beginning which gives clarity for those involved, so that the exclusivity between them can be defined to determine the mutual benefits, all based on communication, so that each one has what he/she is looking for.

What does a Sugar Daddy want?

Although the profiles of what a sugar daddy would look for in a young person (Baby) are different, in most of the cases, their points are much clearer. Here are some of the clearest characteristics of what could a sugar daddy want when he chooses a sugar baby.

Right before answering this question, it is important to remember the sugar daddy's lifestyle without taking the sugar baby into account. Usually these are men with lots of expendable income but limited time for their personal occupations. Work and all their commitments make an important part of their life, so a sugar daddy will not seek any woman as his sugar baby. So, it is important to consider that sugar daddies will want you if you can have:


The spirit of this sort of relationship is for women with a willingness to meet the other and have a proposal, but being demanding is not the same as having a proposal. If potential sugar daddies see all you care is about their money, and your first interaction with them is about your wants, you will likely get discarded as a sugar baby. Likewise, if you keep to yourself too much and show no interest to engage, to be open and fun, you will probably be ignored over another sugar baby that is more outgoing.

Positive attitude

The point of a sugar daddy dating a sugar baby is being able to have all the perks of a close relationship without the drama we can often find in them. Save the jealousy, 24/7 texting, moodiness and attention demands for other people- the sugar daddy is decidedly not interested in any of that. The important thing to remember is that most sugar daddies already have a life going on- a busy work life, a business, and/or a family.

Good humor

Beauty is a big factor that will help you attract many potential sugar daddies, but for them, sharing their time (which is often scarce) with a fun and charming woman wins several points. When two people share a similar sense of humor, they're more likely to engage in longer-lasting and more stable relationships, so taking your time to know and understand the sugar daddy's sense of humor is something they highly seek and reward equally.

Physical appearance

A man is much more visual than a woman, and rest assured, sugar daddies are no exception. Although there are no exact or perfect measures or proportions to being a sugar baby, the important thing is to assert your Security and your most seductive attributes. Sugar daddies value how much a woman takes care of herself and reward their efforts to look beautiful, often by being willing to cover any beauty expenses (and even whims) of the sugar baby.


A Daddy is typically a successful man, who seeks to spend time with people who have a vision of success and purpose. Of course, this does not mean that the sugar daddy will like that his sugar baby's only ambition is his money. On the contrary, they like women with clear goals in their lives, regardless of the economic compensation they receive from the sugar daddy.

Emotional stability

We all like this, and for this type of man what he prefers most is to have things simplified and emotionally mature. In the end, it is all about having clear agreements. Although this is something sugar daddies want, in the end, it benefits the sugar baby more. Sugar daddy relationships can be tough on the sugar baby, as it might not be consistent, it might feel like a chore or a job, and it can end at any given time, so it's convenient for both that the sugar baby is emotionally sound and, though involved in the relationship, protected at the same time from it.


Lying or pretending to be someone does not work in any scenario. Men who seek to be sugar daddies are usually tired of the girls who will play pretend in front of them just to get money or expensive dates from them. This means the second they feel you're not being authentic, they can and will cut ties with you. Take care of your authenticity.

Be sweet, sugar baby

The gist of a sugar relationship is that you both will be sweet to each other, one way or the other! The important thing is to know that you being there with them or you spending your time texting your sugar daddy means something, make them feel comfortable. It's not just about making them feel affectionate or pleased with you, it's also about sharing something genuine. These relationships work best when both parties are having fun, regardless of the allowance or gifts the baby is receiving.

Spice up the intimacy

Unleash the passion. The best time spent together for a sugar daddy dating sugar baby, sex or not involved, comes when there is communication and full sharing. If there is sex on the table, the sugar daddy will often seek women who are either adventurous and open to anything, or absolutely submissive and eager to please in bed.


Lastly, What do sugar daddies want from their sugar babies? Companionship. In the end, all a sugar daddy is really looking for is the awesome experience of knowing and caring for someone without the hurdles that mundane life can set (and which they can mostly overcome with money). So when a sugar daddy feels good about a sugar baby, when they feel accompanied by the time they decide to spend together, they tend to be more generous, and it works best for everyone involved.

Nothing more for today, we hope all this information has been useful for you!