Effective Ways to Ask Rich Men for Money During Meeting Sugar Daddy

rich sugar daddy

Let's face it – the reason most sugar babies consider going into relationships with sugar daddies is to ensure that they can get some money and other kinds of assistance from these well-to-do men. Therefore, it is not strange that a sugar baby will try as much as possible to get some financial help from a rich sugar daddy when meeting him. So, if you are a sugar baby, you should not shy away from asking rich men for money whenever you are meeting them.

While asking for money when meeting a sugar daddy may sound simple, it is worthwhile to realize that you must ask your rich sugar daddy for money without sounding too desperate or needy. Therefore, you must learn the right and effective ways to ask rich men for money during your meeting with them.

Build a connection

Of course, you are expected to have known a rich sugar daddy before finally holding meetings with him. However, the period before meeting him must be appropriately used for building an awesome connection with him. In other words, establish good communication with him to ease the process of asking for money when meeting a sugar daddy.

To build a connection, it is suggested that you ask about his values and interests. Don't shy away from inquiring about his current love life and how he intends to enjoy relationships with his partners in the future. Besides, use the opportunity to ask about the factors that make him happy. This will make him feel you are not just having affairs with him because of his money, but rather because of his personality and passion.

By doing this, the sugar daddy will not only feel connected to you, but he will also be more than willing to take care of your physical and financial needs.

Don't estimate your allowance according to your look

Many sugar babies are too obsessed with their looks that they believe they deserve good things because of how they look. Unfortunately, this does not usually end well for most of them as they may end up being repulsive or overly demanding. Therefore, you should understand that you are more than your look. You must note that your personality and values are unquantifiable and no amount of money is equivalent to them.

As a result of this, don't base what you want to ask for when meeting sugar daddy on your look. You should rather quantify the money you will ask for according to the attention, time, and other resources you can offer to your sugar daddy. By taking the right step in evaluating the value you are providing, your sugar daddy may even give you more money than you have asked for.

Have a range for how much you want to ask for

Foremost, you must know that no thumb rule can be utilized for determining how much allowance you should get when meeting a sugar daddy. However, you should always consider your specific needs and wants before asking.

To effectively ask for money from rich men, you should calculate how much you need so that you can avoid looking uncertain of your desires when talking to them. So, before meeting a rich sugar daddy, you should calculate your living costs such as food, bills, rent, tuition fees, etc. Consider adding some luxuries to the amount you want to ask. You can also factor in the money you need to spend on looking good and keeping up with the expensive lifestyle of your rich sugar daddy. Afterward, be clear on the number range you want to ask for.

Be comfortable asking for money

One thing that deters many sugar babies from asking for money from sugar daddies is the discomfort they feel when doing so. However, you must do away with such discomfort and get comfortable with asking for the money you want.

Basically, a sugar daddy relationship is a special kind of relationship that does not involve any commitment. It is a no-strings-attached arrangement that must be of benefits to all parties involved. Therefore, as long as you spending your time, effort, and other resources on the relationship, it is okay for you to ask for money. For sugar babies, a sugar daddy relationship is like a job; hence, getting paid for it is entirely reasonable. In fact, your sugar daddy understands this reality and is ready to give you money. Consequently, you should be comfortable with asking for money whenever you are meeting your wealthy sugar daddy.

Be specific about the amount you want

Having known what you want and the need to be comfortable with asking, the next thing is to be specific when asking. When you are asking, you should be upfront and honest about it. While asking directly might sound awkward at first, it is the right thing to do.

You can get started about being specific by first saying the amount loud and clear in front of a mirror at home. Practice how you will say it without sounding or feeling awkward about it. When you finally meet your wealthy sugar daddy, take advantage of your practice, and specify the amount you want from him. Don't beat around the bush as this may make you falter in your request.

Be confident when asking for money

Most sugar daddies love hanging around confident sugar babies that know what they want and go for it. Therefore, confidence plays an essential role in making sure that you ask for money effectively from your rich sugar daddy. So, be confident when asking for money. Even if you are not confident, you can fake it the first few times of asking for money. Over time, you will be genuinely confident to ask for anything you want from a sugar daddy.

Don't be too expectant

The fact is that your sugar daddy may not be on the same page with you when it comes to giving you money. In some cases, he may want to give you less than you want. In other situations, he may be capable of giving you any amount at that time. Whatever the case may be, you should not be too expectant. You should bear it in mind that your sugar daddy may not give; hence, if he fails, you will not be too disappointed.

Notably, after denying you access to his money, you can either decide to stay in the sugar daddy arrangement or move on.

Don't sound desperate

The last but not least way to ask for money when meeting sugar daddy is to avoid being desperate. Many sugar daddies can notice desperation from a distance; hence, you must avoid letting your rich sugar daddy feel you are desperate. Ask for what you need confidently and honestly, but don't make it look as if your life depends on getting the money.

Without mincing words, asking rich men for money when meeting them can be a herculean task. Nevertheless, if you can follow the effective ways described above, you have nothing to fear as you can rest assured that the process will help you get the amount of money you want from your rich sugar daddy.