How Do I Make Sure My Sugar Daddy Is Legit?

legit sugar daddy

Meeting a sugar daddy can be a big change in lifestyle for many people. With the internet now being one of the easiest ways of making a partner of any kind, it is important to make sure that you are talking with a legit sugar daddy. This is both for your safety and the enjoyment of your relationship. Today we are going to take a look at how a sugar daddy finder can take steps to make sure their sugar daddy is legit.

Use Sugar Daddy Sites With Verification

Many sugar daddy websites will have verification tools to help you ensure that you are talking with a legit sugar daddy. While many of these tools will be optional for the sugar daddy, they can be helpful to ensure you are dealing with a real sugar daddy and also one that is serious about finding a sugar baby. A sugar daddy that is serious will take a short amount of time to verify who they are to make sure you feel safe.

Verification usually includes both income and identity. The website will somehow verify income, usually with a paystub, and then identity is verified via an ID, usually a driver's license.

Verification on sugar daddy dating sites is a great tool but like most things, it isn't perfect. Make sure to keep your sense open and to look at the rest of the tips to ensure that you are finding a legit sugar daddy. If the website offers verification for sugar babies, you should verify yourself for the same reason.

Talk With Sugar Daddy

Talking with a sugar daddy is one of the best ways to ensure that you are talking with a legit sugar daddy Talking to someone, even over the internet is still one of the best ways to get to know them. Of course, when you are not talking in person, you do have to remain open minded and skeptical about what you hear until you can verify it with another step. However, there are many red flags you can look for when talking with a sugar daddy online.

Most sugar daddies are aware of how much money they have and the fact that you are looking for money. A sugar daddy that spends most of his time talking about money is likely not legit. Even if he does have a lot of money, he likely isn't the type of sugar daddy that you want to be with. When someone you are talking to online or in person starts talking about only money, you should avoid them.

Additionally, a sugar daddy that is purely focused on sex is not one that you will want to talk with. He is treating you more like a prostitute than someone he wants to enter a mutually beneficial agreement with. This blurs the line between legal and illegal in many places.

Another step to talking with him is to talk over the phone or video chat. After you have spent a reasonable amount of time talking and getting to know each other suggest this. If he never wants to phone or video, something is off. When you talk, even if just on the phone, you get a better idea for who he is, his confidence, and whether or not he is who he has been representing himself as. No matter what, before you meet up with a sugar daddy from the internet you will want to make sure that you talk with them on the phone or video chat with them. Safety should always be your priority.

One of the last things that we will mention when talking to the guy is the arrangement. A sugar relationship is not just a relationship, it is an arrangement. A guy who won't talk about the arrangement and avoids it when you bring it up is probably just looking to play you. It isn't uncommon for someone to pose as a sugar daddy and leave you hanging after one time meeting up. Avoiding these people is essential.

Google the Sugar Daddy

Google is a powerful tool, it allows us to answer almost any question we want. When we are trying to ensure that a sugar daddy is real, Google can be a good friend. Start Googling your sugar daddy and the information he gives you, this will help you to verify whether or not they are legit. Look up not only his name but company and anything else you can think of.

If anything he says comes back as untrue it is best to either confront him or move onto someone else. Someone who is lying about one thing is likely lying about another. At the same time though, some men will want to be more private until they get to know you. Make sure that this isn't the case before you end something that might be well worth it. Rich men or even just wealthy men are used to people coming after them just for the money without giving anything in return.

If the website that you use for meeting sugar daddies allows you to have usernames, take a moment to Google the username of the men you are talking with. Most people reuse their usernames and you can find out where else he has accounts by searching for his username. Searching for usernames is one of the first steps that many government specialists or others who get paid to gather information will take. It is easy and you can do it upfront.

Trust Your Senses

As humans we tend to forget that we have a bunch of senses that we used to rely on before technology became so advanced. These senses can help us to understand what is going on around us and to get a good judge of character. If at any time during your conversations with potential sugar daddies your senses start to tell you something is wrong, listen to them.

Unless you are in immediate danger you don't have to stop the conversation if you are still curious, but you do have to keep it in mind. Start asking yourself why your senses are giving you alarm bells. Compare these alarm bells to what information you know about the guy and then make your decision as to whether you want to keep talking or not.

Something to keep in mind is that you don't want anyone else to get scammed if you run into a sugar daddy that is not legit. Make sure that you look through the website features and report any fake or scamming sugar daddies. Make sure to remember their photos and names so that you can avoid them if they make new accounts. Fortunately, many dating sites have been stepping up to help eliminate fake accounts and scammers to help make the experience more enjoyable. They have found that with the global pandemic and the popularity of online dating increasing, this has become even more important.

Take all of this to mind and start keeping an eye on the people that you talk to online. You don't want to waste your time talking with a scammer, you want to find legit sugar daddies. These tips will help you to do so. Make them a part of your online habits.