Signs of a Scam, How To Avoid Scammers When Meeting Sugar Daddy

meeting sugar daddy

When you are meeting a sugar daddy you want to make sure you find the real thing. The internet is full of people and a surprising amount of them are out there to scam people. In order to help you avoid scammers and find a legit sugar daddy we are going to cover some signs of a scam and some tips to find a real sugar daddy. This will help you, the legit sugar baby, get what you are looking for.

Signs of a Scam

Lots of Typos

For a variety of reasons scammers tend to have a lot of typos in profiles and in the messages that they send. Look through everything a sugar daddy has to see if he commonly misspells words, uses weird grammar, or plain doesn't make sense.

Keep in mind that not all scammers will make typos. Just a fair amount of them do this.

Bad Pictures

Some people are just terrible with a camera but a sign of a scammer is that their profile is full of bad pictures. Photos that are blurry, don't show much, have bad lighting, etc. This is done to mask who the person really is.

"Amazing" Photos

The chances that a sugar daddy is going to be a model or be perfect are slim. It isn't impossible but it is rare. When you stumble across a profile that has photos that appear to be too good, chances are that they are. Scammers will take models photos and use them so that they don't have to take photos of themselves. It allows them to remain more anonymous.

They Ask For Money First

This sign should be very obvious but some people still fall for it. Scammers will try to tell legit sugar babies that they need to pay a small amount of money upfront to prove they are real before the sugar daddy will see them. This is a scam. Period. No legit sugar daddy will ask you to pay them money. That isn't what you are here for.

They Ask For Your Details

A fake sugar daddy might ask you for your banking details or personal information. This should set off a red flag, especially if they ask for your banking information. There are plenty of ways that you can transfer money without giving out sensitive information. PayPal, cash, and CashApp are some of the most common payment methods. Checks are still used by some sugar daddies too.

It is his responsibility to get the money to you, not your responsibility to give out information that he doesn't need.

All They Talk About is Sex

Not all scammers are trying to get money or personal information. Some of them are trying to get sex. If a potential sugar daddy only talks about sex or talks about it far more than anything else, you have a red flag. Even if they say they are willing to pay you and can, there is a good chance that you will only ever see them once. That isn't what a sugar baby relationship is about anyways. The sugar daddy is looking for companionship, to feel young again, and that is why they want to pay you.

You Get A Completely Unsolicited Message on Social Media

Scammers like to reach out to random people via social media to try and find people who will fall for their scams. If someone messages you saying they are a sugar daddy and your profile has nothing about sugar dating and you otherwise wouldn't expect such a message, it is likely a scam.

Another common version of this is to receive text messages from strangers that are asking if you want to be a sugar baby. These are completely fake. They send their messages to a large number of people hoping that someone will fall for their scam.

They Pressure You To Meet

If a sugar daddy seems overly focused on meeting you that should be a red flag. Real sugar daddies understand that sugar babies want to get to know them for a little bit before meeting in person. Safety is important and they keep that in mind. Don't fall for a scammer who doesn't want to talk and just wants to ask when you are going to meet.

Check/Transfer Scams

A popular scam is to send more money than agreed upon and then ask for the money back in the form of a gift card. Then they will cancel the check or the check won't be real in the first place. This will leave you without the money that you were expecting from the sugar daddy and without the money that you sent them via gift card.

Gift cards aren't the only way to request the money back but they are becoming the most common because they are easy to get. No matter what kind of refund platform they request, it will be one that you cannot get your money back from.

All They Like To Do is Brag

Bragging is common among scammers. They want to make you believe that they are at the top of the world. They will brag about having things, how wealthy they are, etc. Usually these are scammers just trying to convince you that they have these things.

Even if they are really wealthy, this is not the kind of sugar daddy you want. Oftentimes they are toxic and just looking for someone to listen to them talk about how wealthy they are and/or looking for another possession to add to their list.

Tips to Find a Legit Sugar Daddy

Don't Move Too Quickly

One of the biggest tips that we can give you is to not move too quickly. Spend some time talking with the sugar daddy to make sure he is real. Oftentimes you can spot a fake sugar daddy just because they say something wrong or try to push meeting. Only meet when you are comfortable. The same goes for giving out your phone number or other information.

Learn About Sugar Dating

For those that are new to the sugar daddy dating world, you might find that everything overwhelming or you might find yourself wondering if xyz is normal. We always recommend that those who are new to the sugar dating world take the time to learn about sugar dating. Read some articles, guides, and maybe find a sugar dating blog that you can follow that provides up to date information.

Learning is important. No legit sugar daddy will be mad if you say you are new to the world of sugar dating. In fact, many will help guide you through the process. Having third party knowledge though can help to ensure you are in a safe and rewarding relationship.

Google Reverse Image Search

A great tool on the internet is Google Reverse Image Search. You can take a photo from your sugar daddy's photos and put it into Google Reverse Image Search and hit search. It will help you find anywhere that photo might be posted on the internet. Don't just give up once you see the image appears somewhere on the internet, look at where it appears. Some sugar daddies take their photos from their social media and Google Reverse Image Search will sometimes pick this up.

Make sure to look through the results because sometimes the best matches are not at the top.

Use a Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Sugar daddy dating sites are a great way to meet a sugar daddy. It is harder to set up an account than most social media sites and it is purpose built for sugar daddies and sugar babies. They have features that make it easier to find the right sugar daddy but they also have features like the report option and filters. Not to mention that a good number of sugar daddy sites allow sugar babies to join for free because they understand how important you are to their platform.

Sugar daddy dating sites have another great feature, verification. Verification of sugar daddies allows them to provide banking information to the site in order to verify their status as a sugar daddy. That means that you know you are talking with someone who has the means to sustain the relationship that you are interested in.

Keep in mind that not all sugar daddy sites have the same features. Make sure to look through the features list before you sign up!

Report Them

Most people encounter at least one scammer when they are meeting sugar daddies, if you find a scammer, make sure that you report them to the website or group you are using to meet them. This won't prevent them from making another account but it will make sure that no one falls for that same account. It will also make the scammer's job at least a little more frustrating.

Keep Safety In Mind

The same things that you do for physical safety will help you to ensure you are protecting yourself from a scammer. Do not give out your full name, phone number, address, etc until you are ready to. Make your first meeting in a public place. Letting someone else know where you are going. All of these will help you to spot a fake or scammer. Remember to practice them even when seeing a sugar daddy, not just during traditional dating.

Take all of the information you have learned here today and use it to protect you when meeting a sugar daddy. All of these tips and signs will help you to ensure you are meeting a legit sugar daddy. Knowing these will also make you a more legit sugar baby.