What is PPM Arrangement? What Should You Keep In Mind Before PPM Arrangement Relationship?

PPM Arrangement

Putting your steps in the Sugar World can be exciting but the curiosity of all sorts can surround you. How do you want to take this sensational journey? Of course, you need to take this journey safely and securely. So, the first thing we advise you to know is your PPM arrangement. Before you start sugar daddy date and dive deep into the new sugaring lifestyle, you must have a clear idea of what you want and what you can get to avoid any disappointment.

What amount do you expect to get from your relationship and in what form? Is it only cash or expensive branded personal items and travel to new places is also your dream sugar? Knowing these details and your PPM arrangement is the key to your successful journey. However, before discussing financial details and agreeing on certain terms with your sugar daddy, you need to establish a good connection with him.

What is PPM Arrangement?

PPM arrangement means pay per meet. In simpler words, it is the cash you get at each sugar daddy date. Often a sugar daddy is not sure how much he should pay. But, do not worry it is normal and not an issue. You can discuss the main details like the number of meetings per month, payment in cash or card transfer, etc. It is always good, to be honest, and clear from the start. You can set the number of meetings per month and their duration, too; for example, every weekend you can meet him for 3 to 4 hours. You can also discuss that once trust and mutual understanding are established, you would love to get an allowance every month or twice a month instead of pay per meet. However, you must be clear about the range of allowance beforehand.

Do you know that a monthly allowance can be a larger sum of money than pay per meeting? For example, if you agree on $400 per date, the monthly allowance can be $2000 or above depending on the financial status of your sugar daddy or his level of satisfaction while being with you.

Is PPM Better or a Monthly Allowance?

PPM and monthly allowance both have their pros and cons. It depends on the nature of your relationship to settle either on a PPM or monthly allowance. Often a monthly allowance is good for mid to long term relationships. You agree on a monthly allowance and enjoy several sugar daddy dates in a month. As for a sugar baby, pocketing a big sum of cash at once is always warm and good.

PPM gives sugar daddies the opportunity to date many sugar babies at the same time. It also helps to keep the sugar daddy date carefully numbered or limited. Any side can end the relationship when they want. It is hassle-free and fast!

Who Gets a High PPM?

There are many factors that contribute to a high PPM. Every girl has different circumstances. However, in the end, it is a combination of a few factors that mostly play a key role in letting you settle a high PPM arrangement or monthly allowance. The first, influential factor is a sugar baby’s appearance, sense of style and fashion, social skills, and quality of her companionship she offers to her sugar daddy. Girls with fine social skills and more experience of sugar daddy dates attract higher PPM or monthly allowance.

Moreover, girls living in posh areas of big cities earn a smarter PPM. For example, girls from Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, etc. can easily pocket $500 per meeting and in some cases even higher.

Expenses Other than Cash Payment

There are several other expenses like shopping, gifts, travels, etc. that is also a friendly and gentleman gesture of a sugar daddy. If you are a sugar daddy and go on the first sugar daddy date, by her a beautiful gift of branded products like makeup, shoes, bags, dresses, etc. This can have positive effects on your relationship. So, a PPM arrangement includes these extra expenses without mentioning them or discussing on their details.

What a Sugar Daddy Needs to know before PPM Arrangement

Men feeling lonely in their later years of life would love being a sugar daddy. It is hassle-free, fun, and full of romantic adventures though not all sugar daddies look forward to a sexual relationship. However, they are far more outnumbered by sugar daddies that enter the surging lifestyle with a strong intention of developing an intimate relationship with their sugar babies. But, no doubt, becoming a sugar daddy is a thrilling experience and here are a few key things that you should keep in mind before a PPM arrangement:

1. Make an Attractive Profile on Popular Sugar Daddy Sites

Your profile is the first chapter of the introduction to your sugar baby. So, don't you think it should be attractive to young beautiful college girls? It is not necessary that you write long paragraphs. A few catchy, warm, full-of-life sentences can do a better job. Your choice of words and writing style will reflect your personality and finding a fantastic sugar daddy date will not be a big deal.

2. Keep Your Real ID Hidden

At a time when making a profile on a sugar daddy website is a must, it is strongly recommended to keep your real ID hidden. However, talk about your personality traits, life, and, expectations with honesty. So, make a good profile that gives sugar babies a real picture of you without revealing your real ID. You may be married or a divorcee or a single in his middle age and it is in your personal interest to keep your personal details carefully safe to avoid any mishap in your family or work life.

3. Set Your Preferences Clearly

Every man has a few things which he looks forward to from his relationship with his sugar baby. You state your preferences clearly to avoid any ambiguity later. Financial, sexual, and other preferences are of major importance and they should be absolutely clear for a sugar baby who reads your profile. After knowing your preferences, the PPM arrangement becomes easier and understandable.

4. Decide in Your First Conversation

Are you going on a sugar daddy date or no? You need to decide in your first conversation with your sugar baby. However, this is only possible when you converse with her clearly, create a good impression, and let her know your expectations.

5. Chat With Your Sugar Baby Before A PPM Arrangement

Just make sure that you do not show-off or brag or show attitude. Do not try to create a good impression through exaggeration or lies or false stories of your bravery or chivalry. Be frank but not hurtful. Be caring and loving and not mocking. Do not let your confidence level drop down at any moment at this point. Your confidence counts in winning the heart of a sugar baby of your dreams. Girls die on men who are confident and show strength. Last but not the least; make your sugar baby feel comfortable around you and happy about choosing you.

What a Sugar Baby Should Know before PPM Arrangement

Starting a sugar lifestyle can be exciting for any girl. There can be any reason for you to enter this new world. You may need the company of someone strong and supportive in a strange place. Or you need to find some financial assistance amid a stressful college life. Whatever the reason, here are a few things that are essential for you to know before you get started.

1. Make a Killing Profile on Sugar Daddy Sites

Make your profile without your real ID details. Choose a sugar ID for you that is cute and attractive. A generic name would be great.

Sign up for a few messaging apps anonymously like the Meeting Sugar Daddy app. Get a Google Voice number and attach it to an anonymous email account. This should protect your identity details perfectly well. Be careful and do not share your bank details. There are other safe ways to get cash like receiving it manually or card transfer.

2. Be Yourself and Do Not Fake it

Guarding your ID is nothing wrong but do not lie and post fake details or pictures of another beautiful girl in order to attract a sugar daddy. Post your real picture (of course unfiltered) but not one that you have on your social media accounts. Do not exaggerate your personality or skills or likes and dislikes or anything else. Remember that most of the lies fall apart in your first sugar daddy date. And after that, there is nothing you can do to restore mutual trust.

Sugaring lifestyle means hiding your real ID but be honest with who you are as a good companion and an ideal sugar baby.

3. Learn Sugar Lifestyle Slangs

Like every lifestyle, sugar lifestyle also has a number of lingos. Understanding them would make your communication and conversations easier. Also, you would not give an impression of a naive, ignorant girl who is not what sugar daddies often search for. You must know the popular slang words of sugar lifestyle, especially when a sugar daddy says:

4. Not looking forward to anything transactional

This usually means you will not have any sugar (payment) from him. So, this is a red flag that you need to avoid.


Arrangement relationship is a sweet relationship that has many features of a great friendship. Keep in mind that you need to be respectful of whether you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy. Treat others as you want to be treated. Take all the precautions recommended by the experts and enjoy the company of a mature, wise man if you are a girl. In case, you are a sugar daddy, get the best out of the sweet moments you spend with a young companion!